We are a mobile hunting and fishing operation that is based in Wisconsin, and with winter season operations established in Texas. We pursue the best hunting and fishing opportunities both states have to offer.

Texas Duck Hunts

Hunting the shallow bays and flats of the lower Laguna Madre out of Port Mansfield, TX is a hunt that can’t be replicated anywhere else in the country.  The lagoon’s ecosystem is protected by the Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge and the Padre Island National Seashore. Great hunting is abound by the thousands of wintering ducks that use the area.  90% of the the worlds Redheads winter here along with Pintails, Widgeon, Gadwall, Greater and lesser Scaup, Bufflehead, Northern Shovelers, Bluewing, Greenwing, and Cinnamon Teal.


Hunting the Magnificent Mississippi River is definitely a world class hunting destination that every waterfowl hunter should experience at least once in their hunting career.  The great part about the big river is that it holds ducks from opening day through the end of the season.  There is great early season teal and wood duck shooting to late season diver and mallard hunting. One of the great things while hunting on the Mississippi River is that we harvest around 20 different waterfowl species a year.  You never know what will be cupped and committed next. Many days we shoot 6 or more species a day.


Guided turkey hunts take place in zones 3 and 7.  In zone three the hunting location is centered around Stevens Point and in zone 7 around Minocqua.  The key for our high success rate in turkey hunting is relentless scouting that we do throughout the spring to make sure we are right where the birds want to be each day.  Eastern turkeys are one of the toughest sub-species to pursue and commit to calling this is why scouting is so important.  We will put the birds to bed the night before each hunt and know where they are come morning.


Hideaway Hollow Outfitters is committed to safety and excellence on all hunting and fishing trips, and hopes to exceed all aspects of your expectations. Experience the best hunts and fishing that our operations in Texas and Wisconsin have to offer.

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